About Me

I am a newly married almost 30 something geek who is a bit tomboy and a bit girly.  Currently I'm unemployed, but I'm still looking.  I live on the border of North York and East York in Toronto and I loooooove my neighbourhood.  I face the Don Valley, yet I am still very close to downtown so I love the balance.

For fun I like checking out the zillions of restaurants and bars in Toronto.  I also like exploring with my husband so we go for hikes and drives and just see where the road takes us.  I love music, books (seriously I devour them and I usually have at least 4 on the go at any time), graphic novels, movies and tv shows (especially sitcoms, cartoons, sci fi stuff, angsty teen dramas and shows that Canada specializes in like Gritty Crime Dramas). I knit, paint, make jewelery, work out and cuddle with my new Tortie cat named Penny.

As you can see I have a bit of a problem: I AM ADDICTED TO NAIL POLISH.  I love colour and for a while I was pretty low and the colours were like therapy for me.  I am interested in fashion, makeup and hair... the usual girly stuff :)  Unless otherwise stated all items were purchased by me.  If I receive any promo stuff then you all will be the first to know. I probably never will because there is just something about the thrill of the hunt.

I got interested in blogging after seeing a stamped manicure on Chit Chat Nails. Before that I didn't know about stamping and only had 2 shoe boxes of colour with some nail decals.  I was inspired! At that point I was already addicted to colour and it just enabled me.  I bought a stamping kit from Konad and some plates from bundle monster and here I am.

I can be reached at 10fingersfinging@gmail.com. If you like my pictures please ask my permission before using and please mention my blog. As George Clinton says: If you fake the funk, your nose will grow.  Why the name? I thought of the joke about how fingers don't fing and I have determined that anything I make or write about is finging.  Enjoy :)


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