Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fall... in love!

I love fall! Fall in the Treehouse (my apartment) is absolutely gorgeous because I am facing part of the Don Valley and I get to watch the leaves change colour from my living room.  I was so inspired that I started putting up my Halloween and autumn decor.  I also busted out the autumn scents from Bath and Body Works such as the Leaves Wallflower and the Cinnamon Nut Bread Candle. Then I baked and lived under my Bay blanket with a giant mug of tea lol.

Another thing I love about fall: I get to wear dark colours again! I am one of those weirdos who does things really seasonally: baking, nail polish and makeup.  For example I only make anything involving lemon poppy seed in the spring/ summer and I only wear darker nail polish and lipstick in fall and winter.  Right now I'm in love with metallic wine and copper colours.  As I keep posting you will see how much I love glitter and how my colours change with the season.  One day this summer I was in a bad mood and I wore black with holo glitter... I ended up taking it off during my lunch break at work!

Some fall faves: Orly Buried Alive, Sally Hansen Wined Up (worn on toes), Love and Beauty "Disco Inferno", China Glaze Harvest Moon

Orly Buried Alive with Love and Beauty "Leaves"

You can see the bubbles here because Buried Alive is a draggy bastard!

China Glaze Harvest Moon covered in Finger Paints Fall of Surprises

All photos taken with my Nokia C6

Forever 21 is not known for giving their polishes proper names so I renamed it "Leaves". I think a gorgeous green microglitter with flakies that shift from orange to green deserves a better name than Light Green!  I have renamed all the Forever 21 polishes that I own and I'll post those with swatches soon.  Maybe they will hire me as the person who names their nail polishes in the future!


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