Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Guess Who's Bizzack?

I am! Sorry for the absence, but I had to deal with illness (in my family as well as myself) and I was immersing myself in job hunting.  I don't consider this blog a distraction, but rather a creative outlet and there will be times that I don't feel very creative.  I've learned from the bloggers who came before me that I should keep a few posts on hand for when I don't have time or energy to write.  Also I should keep some edited photos of swatches or give a quick update so that I'm not absent for a month without notice. 

I have also been learning more about using blogger so I haven't posted much but I have done a lot of photo editing and site tweaking which you will notice in future posts.  Later this week I will sort of do a catch up showcasing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Breast Cancer Awareness and of course Prostate Cancer Awareness for Movember.  I will split them up a little sot that the post is not just some crazy photo filled extravaganza... but then why else would you be here!

I awoke today feeling really good and closer to "back to normal".  I felt focused and not anxious and very optimistic.  This round of job hunting has been difficult because I'm not working and I don't have much of a safety net.  Another thing that I am noticing is the lack of stability and how little companies are willing to pay someone.  After taking a paycut by taking my previous job, I don't think I can take another.  I want to have kids but not until my debt is paid off by at least half.  At the time I didn't want to quit with nothing lined up, but when it comes to ethics I would rather keep my name out of the mud.  I am an amazing employee with good moral sense and I think that it is better to be able to sleep at night knowing that the patients I took care of are safe. I am a registered Lab Technician with a lot of experience in patient care as well as customer service and I am knowledgeable in terms of Lab Technology.  I have a little something more up my sleeve and I'm sure that I'll get some bites soon because I'm a catch ;)



  1. If I know of anything that comes up at SickKids, I will let you know. Or, if you find out before I do, I will vouch for you! (p.s. Hi, it's Julie L!)

  2. Hey Julie! Thank you so much for your support!