Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year peeps! I know that February is well in swing, but I wish people a happy New Year until after Chinese New Year (I have a lot of Asian friends) and sometimes in March. I think I will try do something for Chinese New Year (year of the snake), Mardi Gras and Valentines Day.  I hope my nails survive! I'm a bit annoyed because I attempted to schedule posts ( I knew I would be busy) and it didn't work! I need a blogger tutorial because this trial and error thing is total balls.

The Pantone colour of 2013 is Emerald.  I love Emerald! I love all colours, but a nice Emerald creme is up there with Purple, Turquoise and Acid Green (yup!) in terms of nail colours that I like to wear. I usually wear something obnoxious on my toes because besides my face, my feet are the palest part of my body

Color Club Port-folio and a feature nail layered with Cacee BFE Morion (Motion) Dazzle.  I couldn't capture the duochrome goodness of Port-folio.

I was at Winners after Christmas and I found the ransacked cosmetics section... it looked worse than Walmart.  In fact it looked like a Nailpocalypse. They had some Color Club sets, but they were either open or broken in the package. I wanted the set of mini glitters, but I couldn't find the package and they were just sitting on the shelf.  They also had a rare Sally Hansen (one of the older ones), but someone had swapped the sticker and it was priced at $10 or something ridiculous. I managed to find a package without broken nail polish bottles and I made my own set.  What? I'm not about to pass up 7 Color Club nail polishes for $14! Also my husband was my accomplice and he is the most law abiding citizen.

So I have a bunch of unnamed Color Club polishes because they don't put names on them in these multi-packs, but if you recognize any please let me know.  I think some are from the Fall 2012 In True Fashion Collection (Model Behaviour, Port- Folio), some from Winter 2011(Jingle Jangle), a clear one and some I don't even have a clue:

Poor babies... one even had a different cap :(
L to R:  Snakeskin, Antiquated ?, Artsy Crafty?, Something, Something, Port-folio, Jingle Jangle

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