Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Other People's Polish and a Nail Fail

On this blog I will try to post my failures.  My Bollywood nail art idea was so cool and I wanted to try the Sharpie Marker Technique.  My first mistake was probably putting it on over topcoat. My second mistake was rushing and smearing the art with more topcoat.  I'm still learning and I hope I get better at it.  I will probably try this theme again sometime in the near future.

I did this for my Goddaughter's 10th birthday which had a Bollywood theme.  It was super fun and there was lots of dancing and an elephant pinata.  I was blown away by the decor and the cake! My Goddaughter is awesome and her awesome mommy is one of my BFFs.

Sally Hansen Wined Up with a feature nail of OPI's Rally Pretty Pink.  Gold Sharpie Design FAIL :(

I also had a slumber party with my Goddaughter Sofia, her awesome mommy Julia, my friend Wendy and her daughter Ellie.  It was super fun: we ate junk (donuts from a place called Glory Hole, probably the best name for a donut shop lol), watched girly movies, played Just Dance and Mario Party, and we had makeovers.  The little girls put on this awful staining blue eyeshadow (haven't we all made that mistake?) and we did face masks.  Cucumber face mask was probably the most fun because it peels off.  I couldn't do one because I had just finished an AHA peel and my skin was being really sensitive.

The best part was the nail art that I gave everyone! I had fun doing their nails, but I could not do it as a profession.  Also I hate the smell of acrylic! It makes me kinda woozy and nauseated.  I just decided to do something fun to suit everyone's personality.

Julia's Girly but tough manicure... with a bit of sparkle

Wendy's sparkly glam caviar mani

Ellie's sweet and girly caviar mani... she couldn't wait to play and lost some of her caviar lol

Sofia's rock star nails with Selena Gomez glitter and a Konad zebra stamp.  She was so happy and speechless at this mani.  Also it was the only way to get her to stay still!

My friends are really getting into nail art.  I like showing off other people's polish (OPP) and I think it may become a "thing".  Except when I stop someone on the subway and they don't know what they are wearing... that is just annoying lol. Most of the time I can tell what it is because I am a polish addict : )


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